What is SEO training for beginners – for free in 6 steps

Are you a beginner in content publishing of any kind in the online world and have come across this weird acronym? Welcome to what is SEO –  training for beginners!

SEO? What is SEO anyway and where can I learn for free? Right here, my friend! I will guide you through the process step by step and show you how I came up with the SEO for this article in my very own screenshots so


Stay with us and be amazed…

What is SEO training for beginners


What is SEO training for beginners – for free

Follow the 6 steps laid out for you!


Step 1 | keywords and web infrastructure


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines are better known as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO training for free

Those are servers where people go to ask for information, learn about things and also look for fun hobbies.

Generally everything that comes to our mind, and the person in front of us can’t answer. We put it into yahoo or bing or we google it.

When we do that, we leave a trace. Every thing we search for lets google (yahoo or bing) learn that there is somebody searching for this.

Those searches add up and become keywords that people search for and that we can provide answers to.

Because we can be sure that there are people looking for what we are going to write about.

This leads us to an example for a keyword search start:


What is SEO training


Let’s say you want to write an article about online piano lessons.

would have to identify with someone looking for this information.

What would this person type into the Search Engine?

“Piano lessons for
beginners, piano lessons online, piano lessons in adult age, piano lessons for free, piano sheet music, instructions about how to play the piano, or simply how to play the piano, online lessons….”

How to…..do anything. This is officially the most used search begin ever.

Now lets put our knowledge of the alphabet to good use:

Step 2 | google instant and questions people also asked


Google has recently added this fantastic feature, google instant. In the example I would start by typing into the search text box:

SEO training online for freePiano a and all the searches starting with an a will appear, linked to the word piano.

Take notes of the most interesting ones for the content you wish to create or have created.


Piano b and you guessed it, go on until piano z.

Do the same with piano lessons and piano lessons online.

In the end you should come up with quite an interesting list.


In your own language of course! I’m currently in Italy, so the alphabet soup has Italian taste….

If you wish to cut it short and already have a pretty good idea, type in piano lessons online and scroll down to another perfect google tool:                                     the people also asked box.


people also asked box for SEO training
There are minimum of three related questions that could be interesting.

If you click on one of them, a drop down will open and other questions appear below.

I always take note of the first ten questions related to my topic.


Now you have enough material and keywords to start not just one but a series of articles.

However,  will they be successful?

People search for these things, BUT what about our competition? If we end on page 30 of the google, bing or yahoo search, not many people (no one probably) will visit us.

People hardly look any further than the first page. Maybe the second. That is why we need to know not only about how much traffic there is concerning this specific keyword, but also how much competition has targeted (sometimes unknowingly) our keyword.

We can do that with a special tool called Jaaxy.

Step 3 | keyword research with Jaaxy

What is Jaaxy?

It is a research tool that is offered with the free membership on the platform Wealthy Affiliate.

For those of you who have been following my other two articles on this matter

how to create a passive income online
how to create a website in wordpress for free

you already know and have a free account to WA.

For those who don’t, you can still create it completely risks free, without credit card use, don’t worry and Click here.

As a free member you have 30 actions included on this terrific tool.

SEO training onlineThis is a crop of a screenshot of my own account, you can see I never upgraded fromthe Lite version, this tool is already perfect as it is for now.

With this tool, even in the lite version I can check my Site Rank and the keyword lists I created from earlier searches. I’m enabled to check out my competition with the Search Analysis and also discover recent trends.

There is an alphabet Soup available, not the warm one, but a tool similar to what we did ourselves on google earlier.


You can brainstorm, look for affiliate programs related to a keyword or control you niche keyword lists.

This one tool does it all in terms of keyword search and even better. —-> create a free Jaaxy account!

Look at what it tells you when you enter a keyword and hit search.


Step 4 | research your competition using Jaaxy

For writing this article I researched keywords on Jaaxy and I will let you see my results in my own screen shots:

SEO tool Jaaxy insightsSo what exactly is going on here?

Two important number to look out for:

Avg and KQI.

Avg stands for the average number of searches a keyword receives in a month. For it to be considered worth to write an article on it should be at least 40.

KQI stands for Keyword quality indicator and if it’s green we can look at the QSR.

QSR is the quoted search results, thus the number of ranking websites you are going up against. This should be maximum a 100.

If you find numbers you like and the keyword makes grammatical and human sense you have optimized your search engine results.

I didn’t like the numbers above as they were at the limit and my website is new. I cannot go up against a 100 ranking sites.

So I searched on and asked Jaaxy for this:

what is seo training for beginners

Here you can see, we are in my very own account, today,november 5, 2019. Originally my idea was to help only musicians, but as you can see, there seems to be no request on SEO training at all.

Less than 10 searches for that keyword.

But for the one I chose in the end as title what is SEO training for beginners there is no competition, but 80 searches.

It is at the limit of grammatical sense, but pausing at the right moment it can work in a human conversation.

I picked it and that is why you are here now, reading about it!

Step 5 | produce keyword rich content

What to do with those keywords?

In the first place, a longer keyword phrase is better than just two words in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

Second, readers love the how to …..part.

Third, show and don’t just talk. Pictures, videos, take them through the process.

Fourth, people love numbers as it is easier to get an idea of how much it will take and organize the visitor’s time.

Fifth and last to mention, the eye and the interest of a potential reader is caught by negative

expressions, like how to not go broke on paying piano lessons – best 3 advices ever!

Just a fun example, haven’t put that into any Search Engine or Jaaxy.

You might want to try and see what it does ——> free way to Jaaxy.

Now you are ready to go – Your keyphrase should go in several places:

  • Keyword in the title,
  • meta title,
  • URL of your post,
  • in the first paragraph,
  • one heading and at least one more time.
  • Only when it makes sense.  And it should, because your post should be all about said keyword.
  • You should also put in into the Alt text of your featured image and at least one other image.
SEO create an income online

But be sure that it makes sense to what the image is actually showing.

Alt stands for ALTERNATIVE TEXT, so whenever the image can’t load on someone’s device this text shows up. Better make sense then!

But the interesting thing for us is that the text is crawled (read and indexed) by the Search Engine so it counts as optimization.

Do not exaggerate however, because a text stuffed with keywords will be punished in terms of ranking.

What we all look for is that the content helps people solve a problem or get an idea.

To help people you need to be found, in other terms ranked.

You need to appear on the first page of the search engine’s search results.

This authority is not given lightly by the SE.

Therefor be sure to produce content that answers people’s questions. For example those of the “people also asked” box in google instant features.


Step 6 | Look around the platform of Wealthy Affiliate

Have a look at this awesome platform where me and my friends hang out to talk about rankings, online publishing, selling, niches, keywords, mindset and so much more. We are nearly 2 million!! So there will always be someone professional to answer any question you might have.

Ask everything you want to know in life chat, second item from the bottom, left column. You can see that as well in the image above.



You can do the first ten training lessons which will lead to an up and running website with at least two posts published.

It is very effective training and it is for free for a whole month. 30 actions on Jaaxy and 2 website building and hosts completely for free (you can transfer them to another domain if you decide to leave, so nothing is lost!)

For more information about Affiliate Marketing you can read my article —-> here.

Then you can still decide whether to just leave WA or give your credit card details to pay 19 dollars for an upgrade to premium membership. Yes you read the right amount, I didn’t leave out a zero. Nineteen dollars.

That includes a lot of features that by themselves would cost at least double each.

But come and see for yourself. No scam, no risk.

Helpful and skillful professionals, some of the best in the industry and also new and supportive friends are what waits for you. —–>Click here and set up your free account.


With this SEO training for free- you are ready to rank

What SEO does is bring you organic traffic. This means that anyone from the 4 billion internet users who is searching your keyword will be presented with your website. By presenting it well in the title and meta description you have a chance that they click on it and visit your site. This is organic traffic, traffic you didn’t pay for.

It will take at least 6 months of regular publishing activity to become an authority site in the eyes of SE and thus receive consistent traffic. You can learn a lot more about that in our platform, even for free.

So do not miss it and take advantage of the risks free, no credit card free account for a month right here.

You will also learn how to enhance your traffic with Social Media and Ad Campaigns. Even for free, without paying ads you will be able to lead a lot more traffic to your site.

It will be of the uttermost important that you create content that actually helps and also leads to engagement. Comments, debates, whatever keeps your site alive.

You should also create a Google Analytics and Search Console account as well as submit to bing webmaster toolkit. Completely free.

I will write a post on each of those issues. But if you can’t wait, go to the source and visit WA. I will totally forgive you, my friend. And hope to see you on the platform!

Every WA member has a blog on the platform, that is public. We use it to help each other. Have a good laugh or motivate each other. Here is a fun one on the 12 step of PC, publishing content.

Janie in the bottle

Enjoy people,

get ranked and generate traffic!

If you have any questions or advice on this matter,

I’ll be more than happy to help you out in the comment section below!


Website optimization for free


Have a fantastic productive day

and may your existence be enhanced on the SE by you Oing it.

All the best,



founder of





Jana Theresa Hildebrandt



  1. Hello and thank you for this very informative post. While I have heard of affiliate marketing, I have not heard of SEO. It is good to know how it is connected to affiliate marketing.

    Your steps are very interesting and I will look into Wealthy Affiliate more through your website Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you very much for your interest, John! I’m happy I gave you some helpful input. If you encounter any obstacle or question do not hesitate to ask.
      I will be more than happy to help you out!
      See you at the top, I guess!!!
      Your comment is very much appreciated,

    • Thank you, this is also a fun comment! Enjoyed it SEO much. Hope to see you on the platform and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Fantastic working with you,
      All the best,

  2. Hello, great job explaining the basics of SEO. This topic can be so confusing at times so it’s always good to get back to the basics before moving forward on the subject. I can’t agree enough that Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform, especially for learning about SEO and creating organic traffic. Awesome job!

    • Thank you very much Dereck! Thrilled to have you as a colleague! Happy to work with you on this awesome platform.
      Hoping to help everyone I can to understand at least the basics of this ever growing world of chances and opportunities!
      Stay tuned and healthy,

  3. A very detailed article which shows how to make your site grow. I am glad I am in wealthy Affiliate and I am implementing these things already and my site is growing daily.
    I love Jaxxy the most as it has changed my life before joining Wealthy affiliate. It is so easy and simple to use.

    • I’m happy to hear that! It has that effect on people!! A wonderful tool and a lot of free training as well to get started.
      You have 30 free actions on Jaaxy. Why not take advantage?
      As you say it will change the way you look at any content online and help you grow your audience in an organic way.
      All the best,
      free financially

  4. Hey I enjoyed this post/page definitely lots of information and always easy to understand. Also it’s set out very well which makes it extra clear. Easy to find what you want and images all in the right place and they make it more fun!

    • Hello Darren and thank you very much for sharing your experience visiting my site and this article about What is SEO training for beginners.
      I’m happy you found everything you needed and am at your disposition if going on you should have any questions!
      May your website prosper,

  5. Hello Janie in the bottle, thanks for so much information about SEO, it is a pretty complicated thing to get it all done well for google to be happy, isn’t it? 🙂 Does it not take longer to do the right SEO than to write a blog post?

    • O yes, Lenka! You hit the nail there. It is more complicated to decide on the nucleus of your article than to elaborate. At least for a logoroic person like me. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
      Happy to help,

  6. Hi Janie, I enjoyed reading about SEO and your other posts. You seem to have great talent and it is a shame that the profession of musician is not better rewarded as music can give so much pleasure to so many people, Alan.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation for us musicians. It truly is sad but also offers new possibilities.As we no longer depend on managers who pay us breadcrums but can become our own managers. This is hard at first, but can be quite rewarding. I hope to help many musicians to get to the point where they can decide when and where and with whom they wish to play and enjoy every bit of it!
      I am very grateful for your comment,

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