How to learn affiliate marketing for beginners – for free

learn affiliate marketing for freeHow to learn Affiliate Marketing for beginners for free? Here you go.

You don’t want the risks of having to buy and sell products, shipments, complaints and refunds?

But you know your products pretty well?

You can write quality content on the products helping a customer decide and buy through your quality help?

Then this is for you:

Learn Affiliate Marketing for free – for beginners

The customer will not pay more. But the seller will give you a commission. Of course only if the buyer does not send the product back or complain. The buyer can come back to your website and ask questions. You can continue to help him and offer further assistance. This will also help your website, as engagements leads to ranking in Search Engines.

So your reviews should be true. You should know exactly what you are talking about and give different options based on different needs.

This professional help is called affiliate marketing. It is not sending some links through social media. You could never make a living out of that. You need to add quality content.

This is best done through the creation of a website.

Which I explain how to do for free in this article —-> free website creation

Your website will be exactly like real estate. It will need maintenance and attention, but will grow all the time. Moreover, it will be yours and no one can take it from you.

Your name, your domain. Your branch, your niche, your brand.

It will need a lot of content creation that actually helps people over at leas a period of 6 months.

Learn affiliate marketing basics free

Then you might become an authority site, google might display your product in peoples’ searches on the first page and you might generate organic traffic.

More about that on my article about Search Engine Optimization for free —-> free SEO training.


Traffic you do not have to pay for but that you generate by answering peoples’ questions and searches.

You might enhance this traffic with free social media advertisement or by paid add campaigns.

Why join Wealthy Affiliate – how to learn affiliate marketing

for beginners

We try to avoid paid advertisement at Wealthy Affiliate. Training our members on the laws and algorithms of ranking in Search Engines we firmly believe that we can create consistent free organic traffic, only to occasionally be enhanced with free social media accounts.

There are many rules to follow to write great reviews on products that people will engage with.

how to learn affiliate marketing for free for beginners

One is to tell a story. To reveal your honest self and what brought you to the product.

Be straight forward and write as if you were talking to a friend, not filling a textbook.

State all the facts that might interest a customer. Be opinionated and tell the truth from you very own point of view.

But Wealthy Affiliate is so much more than just the best training in the industry. It is a community of like minded people from all over the world who help each other out.

Within nearly 2 million members, there is a professional expert just on every topic! I have never had a question unanswered or left a debate without making a friend I could look up to and learn from.

In the first month all this training and community support is for free and I will be your personal coach if you join under this link:

——-> Click here to create a credit card and risk free personal account to start diving in for a whole month!

I have shown you my very own account and dashboard in the screen shot above. There is a life chat always available on the right side. Member’s questions, posts and training in the middle and you very own access to your personal training, the websites you created and research on keywords on the left. The tool we use is fantastic. Have a glimpse at its potential in my other article about SEO for beginners.

Learn Affiliate marketing online – starters for free

With WA you can learn anything there is to know about affiliate marketing online. You sign up for your free account, start your trial period and build you very own website from scratch for free. With all the help you need.

Online marketing for free

After one month you have to either upgrade or leave. You can take all that you have created with you. That is how sure WA is of its own value. If you upgrade early you also get bonuses.

But don’t you worry, take your time, look around, take everything in. No pressure.

The most you pay in the second month is 49 dollars. That is less than for any of the features they offer bought singularly.

That is why they are sure to let you have a long and good look at the platform before asking you to decide.

Passive Income Opportunities


There are so many passive income opportunities online that you could write a lot of books about it. And people have done so. In a short survey I introduced the most remunerable in my article —-> ways to create money online.

You might remember that I came to the conclusion that affiliate marketing is the most risk free and rewarding way to make money online. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you can learn affiliate marketing for free as a starter member.

You can join huge brands and their affiliate programs such as Amazon and CJ, clickbank and many more.Online marketing success

You can subscribe to them through the left column item “Affiliate Programs”. It also has very good research for anything that will fit your specific needs.

I just loved it and am a total fan. In the second month only I earned more than I had invested for the second month and now it is off to skyrocket.

I have never regretted my choice to invest time and energy into the training and the creation of my two profitable websites,

Furthermore I’m very proud that I will be able to make a living just by helping people to do what I love doing.


Conclusion on how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners

The investment is maximum 49 dollars in the third month. Compared to starting up any other business, this is a ridiculous amount of money that you need to invest.

Time and effort is a different story though. To be successful in Affiliate Marketing you need to invest a lot of energy, learning and training time and also creating content time.

But once you are through this you will be able with simple maintenance to live off the revenue.

affiliate marketing success

I think it is worth a shot. Not only because you get to hang out with the likes of me and other fantastic successful online marketers, but because you can recreate yourself from scratch!

You have immense value, just by having lived and experienced things. This can help other people if you share them.

Read more about that in my—–> About me page

So why wouldn’t you offer yourself the possibility to generate revenue just by sharing what you already know? By being yourself?

I would and I did. I will never forget the moment I created my free account. It is the moment my life changed!!

You can do the same —–> Click here for your free account under my guidance.


Now I’m the proud founder of



Jana Theresa Hildebrandt - Wealthy Affiliate




  1. What a great way to explain the possibilities of learning “affiliate marketing’. I genuinely believe this is the future of marketing and what an opportunity for like minded souls 🙂

    • Thank you Sandra, for taking the time to go through the article and sharing your opinion. I appreciate it very much. At financially free we are convinced that affiliate marketing is the best business formula for small to no investment and big revenue.
      I wish to teach that to all those who struggle to get their great advice and experience out there.
      May many souls like yours come our way!
      free financially

    • You are very welcome! If you are on your way and going through the training you might have some questions. Just wanted to let you know that we are here for you and will help you in any way we can.
      May your endeavours be crowned with success!
      free financially

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information on affiliate marketing. I’ve been researching and trying to figure out the best route to take. I’ll have to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Karen, if you do please come by and say hi, I’m JanieTH on the platform. Would love to show you around and help you out!
      Great talking to you, appreciate your comment!
      Thank you for sharing,
      free financially

  3. Affiliate marketing definitely seems to be the way to go if you want to make an income online. I especially like the fact that you can automate it and don’t need large investments to get started. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • You are very welcome! Thank you for sharing and may your affiliate business take off and prosper!
      Kind regards,
      free financially

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