How to create a website in wordpress for free – in 3 steps

I have struggled with finding the right place where to learn how to create a website in wordpress for free.

Not only did it seem impossibly difficult, but also scary!

If you are like I was 5 months ago, stick with me here and learn how to create your very own website from scratch.

Not paying anything!!

You can follow me step by step creating a new one myself and letting you in on the process by sharing my screen shots.

how to create a website in wordpress for free

And moreover, it literally takes 30 seconds.

Definitely less than the other scary thing in life, a visit with the dentist!

It is also painless, fascinating, and oh, did I mention that it is free?

Let’s get rolling, shall we?!


How to create a website in wordpress for free in 30 seconds

Where do we start? Simply with a click on the Siterubix.com website builder, which is installed on the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) platform.

Maybe you have read my previous article and know about this awesome platform where you can store two websites completely for free for a month. After that you can either export and find another hosting, or stay and upgrade to premium for just 19 bucks a month. This is less than any other hosting…but don’t you worry, you can take a peep at the whole thing.

A month-long peep for free, take the course, learn and interact and ask questions. You will be just as happy as I was with this platform. I upgraded even before the free month had finished. I wanted access to it all and don’t regret any of it!!

It has been a life changing decision!! And so much for the better, in case you asked.

how to create a website in wordpress in 30 sec

But to get a taste of it let’s start building out your very own siterubix.com website, up and running after 30 seconds!

Again, no credit card needed. This is no scam. You will see my very own account on each screen shot as I am showing you everything from my own account within Wealthy Affiliate.

You can find out more by visiting WA —–> simply click here, it’s free.

Let’s take the tour!

Creating a website from scratch in 3 steps and 30 seconds

I imagine, you already have an idea what the site should be about.

I did when I searched for ways to start a website for free.

To make this really a 30-second creation, think about what your brand name should be, so the overall name of the domain.

It doesn’t have to fit exactly what you want to call your site, just think of brands like apple. They do not sell apples. So just chose something appealing to you. That one you won’t change. But also no one else can have it. It is your very own real estate in the online world. It is yours and only yours.

The website name however you can change down the way, so do not worry too much about it now.

Just pick one!

Let’s get all set up with a free account            —–>   click here to create your free account

and enter the Siterubix.com platform!           —–>   click here to create a free website

You can either access the site builder from your WA account like I show in this screenshot and click on the second item from the top of the middle column. ——->  SITE BUILDER

how to create a website in wordpress for free - WA

Or you get there from your Siterubix.com entrance point and either way where you land is here:

build a wordpress website from scratch for free- 3 steps

Click on the first item and follow the steps!

Step 1 – Choose a free domain name and website name

As you have already chosen your domain name, put it in the free text box at number two and see if it is available. If it isn’t, somebody has already taken it and you will have to try another one. As soon as you hit one that is free, go grab it!!

best website builder

Choose a name for the website. This will appear on your website and your readers and visitors will see it. You can change that one later. But it isn’t very helpful to change it often, as google will index you in a short time from now on and it doesn’t like too many changes in terms of ranking (showing up before others in results if someone is searching something you could provide).

create a website from scratch for free

Step 2 – Choose from the free World press themes

As a free starter member you can chose from 12 only I believe. But they are the best ones. Most frequently updated and easy to customize, so pick one that will suit your idea of a website! Chose if you like a huge header image and a blog roll below, or a more static website where people can click their way through all the options.

choose a wordpress theme for free

You can change your theme later as well. Your content and plugins won’t be lost. So don’t worry too much right now!

Step 3- Install

So now we just click on the green button to install and it is doing everything by itself.

click here to build this site

Installing all the fantastic free features as anti spam, site speed.

building your website on wordpress

installing additional features for your wordpress website








There are also 3 plugins already installed with your site.

So you do not have to pay for them or look for them.


plugins preinstalled free wordpress theme







For now, you do not even need to know what they are for.

While you learn on this platform, everything will become clear step by step.

The beauty of it all is that in the end of the training you will have a perfectly functioning website and you will know what to do with it. You can access it in different ways:

  • the most uncomfortable is through the wordpress admin login itself, you will need to know your password
  • much more comfortably through the third item in the left column which is websites. It will lead you to this window, where you can simply click login on the blue button.
  • through site manager with the login button


login to your free worldpress website

how to create a website in wordpress for free

It will show you your




This is like your back office. From here you will customize your site, edit and add content.

You can always click on -visit site- as a dropdown at the left upper home button under your site’s name.


how to create a website in wordpress for free


This is the website I created in those thirty seconds for you.

You can do the same and don’t worry you can also delete it.



But why would you?

Now you are the owner of your very own wordpress website.

Congratulations are in order! That wasn’t too hard, was it?


How to create a website in wordpress for free and what to do with it

Looking at your website though you might find it pretty empty. That is because there is no media (photos and videos) added, but you can do that later.

First thing to do is delete the dummy content and put in your very own subtitle and menu structure in the wordpress dashboard. You will then create an -About me- post which will explain who you are and what you wish people to help with. The training in WA will gently and effectively guide you through this process and this is still for free.

You will be able to choose from WA’s templates the GDPR complying privacy policy and to post that as a page on your site.

Installing all the fantastic free features as anti spam, site speed. There are also 3 plugins already installed with your site. So you do not have to pay for them or look for them.

templates in WA







Then you can use the coolest keyword search tool for creating new content. It is also providing you with incredible 30 free searches. I hadn’t used them all when I decided to stay with WA.

To know more about Affiliate Marketing have a look at my article ——> here.

This might seem overwhelming at first, but Kyle’s training is fantastic! He will guide you step by step. FOR FREE! It is accessed through the fifth item in the left column. The research tool.

Just so you see, what WA is all about and what it offers. But isn’t that awesome?

You can find out more by visiting WA —–> Simply click here, it’s free!

You can build 2 wordpress websites and host them a month for free. Then it’s 19 dollars to upgrade the second month and on the third till whenever you like it’s 49 dollars. By then you will probably earn more than that if you can put in the effort and time to post every day and work on your site regularly.

Do I need writing skills?

You can start from where ever you are. Articles and blogs are no textbooks. The important thing about them is that you talk to someone and help this someone. If you solve a person’s problem he or she will not care about your writing skills.

Be honest, upfront, communicative and you will connect! On WA we also have an internal blog for every member so that you can train those skills with friends.

Do I need programming skills?

No, you don’t. Every step is laid out for you, every click is explained. Whenever you wish for something outside the explanation you will have a community of near 2 million members ready to help you out! I have never had a problem unsolved or a question unanswered. And on the way I learned some programming language, but this is a by product.

Just as the fantastic friends I made, cheering each other up, motivating, inspiring and sharing success stories to keep others going in a moment of difficulty. This is more effective than any study buddy I have ever had! It’s worldwide and fascinating.

Have a look at the features that you will get for free in the beginning month and all that is added for just 49 dollars from the third month on!

What do I need?

The most important skill, among others (determination, dedication, consistency, creativity) is Search Engine Optimization knowledge. SEO in short is what gets your website on the first page of google. We have all done research on google, bing, yahoo, but I guess that you as well rarely look at the second or third pages that you are presented with as result.

So even if you write beautifully, you programmed your site in a unique and very appealing way, it is useless if people can’t find you. So how do we find and how do we use keywords to be sure we will appear on the first page of a google, bing and yahoo research?

You can find out more by visiting WA —–> simply click here, it’s free.

I will show you step by step in my next article. So stay tuned, my friend! Have a look around at WA and enjoy all the features and tools offered for free, because:



You are now the proud owner of your very own website!

This is real estate and over decades can become of the value of a Villa.

You can enter your dashboard anytime and add content so that your site stays alive and becomes an authority in your chosen field!

If you wish for any help, join the community life chat or stay tuned for my next article on keyword research.

If you passed on the links before, here you go:

—–>   click here to create your free account

—–>   click here to create your free website

Also, go through the free training and build your website out to become an authority in your niche! May your dream come true and may you help others on the way.

To your success!



founder of




how to create a website in wordpress for free


  1. This is a good place for someone to get started on online business, With all the help and free websites what more could a person ask for ? I would recommend this for anyone.

    • Thank you Jim, for your positive comment! I can’t wait to help as many people as possible to build their very own website for free.
      May yours thrive and live a long and prosperous life,

  2. I got my first website for free on Siterubix! It’s a great place for making a full website, and you can even transfer it to your very own domain later! You did a really good job with your review and instructions. Anyone who wants a free website will do well with your article!

    • Thank you Cathy! I appreciate your comment. I hope I can show as many people as possible how to create a website in wordpress for free.
      Happy to have helped you,
      All the best,

    • Thank you so very much, Will! I’m happy to help you out how to create a website in wordpress for free. If you have any questions on the way, please don’t hesitate to ask.
      All the best for your future website,

  3. Very nice article and it was easy to understand the step by step process of making the website. WA helped me build my first website about a month ago and really made things easy for me. With WA’s help I’ve been given a great start to building a successful online business. Thanks again for sharing this great article!!!

    • Thank you for letting us know, that WA worked for you as well! I’m happy to know you got your own website up and running!
      Keep up the great work and let’s stay connected!
      All the best,

  4. Hi Janie, I enjoyed reading your article on How to create a website in word press for free – in 3 steps. There are a lot of helpful information with step by step instructions and pictures on how to create a website. This is great for beginners!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • You are very welcome! I hope to help out every one who’s still “scared of the dentist” and let them see how easy it is with the right guidance.
      Thank you so much for letting me know your approval and taking the time to share your comment here on myflutelife.
      All the best!

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