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I have always loved classical music. It’s kind of my first language as my parents are both flutists. I play the flute as well and it is my passion. Unfortunately, like many other people, and maybe you as well, I didn’t have the opportunity to create a job out of this. I had to go to work early. So now I’m trapped in a job that I do not love, waiting for the clock to show me that it’s time to go home where I can finally be with my loved ones and play the flute.


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This became unbearable and so I looked into alternative ways to make a living. After falling for many scams and loosing a lot of money and time, I finally found Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a community that does really care about you. I have posted multiple help requests and received more help than I could digest! They also hold you accountable to reaching the goals you set in the beginning. I have never seen anything like this online. And if I think about it, not even offline.

I found a family, which spreads worldwide and helps you in any way possible, especially if you are genuine. Experiencing this kind of support, coupled with training from the best in the world, where you can always ask questions and really feel part of something huge, important, happening now and help people succeed. We are all together in this and all help each other. I just love the way it put me in a position to help people who are in the situation I was a few month ago (only!!!) and cheer them up to make them see, that what in the offline world wasn’t possible, thanks to the internet, from where ever you are, is now possible. I saw others succeed, I’m on my way as well and getting so passionate about it, that I just have to share.

Read my article about becoming finally financially free as a musician. You will understand how huge our opportunity online is, especially for us musicians. Please also let me know what you think about it, your experiences and whether you like to try some of the ways I propose or already did.


about me - being finally financially free



It is possible, you can live your dream! You can share the joy of living it with everybody. There are about 4 billion people online that you can reach. So go out there (from your desktop!) and share your story. Everything you have experienced offline and online as well, in the online world is precious and can make you a living. For more information click here.

Be prepared to be generous and share those experiences so that people can get help and that will be the value of your online site. This value is huge. If you continue to help people, you can make a living out of it. If you wish to learn how, follow my lead! Read more on Affiliate Marketing in my article —-> here.

It is possible, I did it and I was an online illiterate, business ignorant flutist just a few month ago.

Now I have multiple websites I created for free and can manage with the help of pros. How to do that you can find out in my article on how to create free wordpress websites here.


about me - and you?

Now I can share my passion with the whole world, I have more time for myself, my family and my passion and all because, I tell the world on a daily basis about it. Wouldn’t anyone just love it?!

Follow me and find out more about being finally financially free.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


about me





  1. Thank you for this very uplifting post. Your story is one that everyone can relate to. Financially free…a goal we all have. Your site is full of great information. I’m glad I found it and will for sure use your site to look into Wealthy Affiliate.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much John! I’m happy I could motivate you and help you with your online endeavours. Hope to be able to continue helping you and work with you in WA.
      Have a great day, my dear colleague and stay productive and healthy!
      All the best,

  2. Hi Janie

    Thanks for a very informative Post. Nice to hear that your parents are flutists. So, it looks like you were in training from an early age. Sorry to hear that you did not have the opportunity make a career out of playing the flute. It looks like you are doing very well now and can tell others about it.

    Sorry to hear that you did not like your job, but maybe that was a good thing, because you would not be looking for a way out or moving towards being “financially free”

    I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a community that cares about each other. Like you, I knew that others were running successful online business and I wanted to find something that I could do too.

    Glad to hear that you are on your way to being successful. Stay passionate and continue to share. You will definitely inspire others to become “financially free”.

    • Dear Jackie, I’m so very grateful for your comment. You seem to have lived my story with me! I sure hope that I can help others to become financially free as well and follow their passion. There is a huge opportunity online. Everyone has a story and everyone has experience that can help others. Sharing is caring and engaging like you did is passion. Thank you once again and I hope to see you in Wealthy Affiliate’s fantastic free training as well.
      Stay blessed and happy,

  3. Hi, Janie,
    Your post really hit me. I’m also trapped in a job I hate with a passion, but I can’t afford to quit just now. I’m working on a different project, but it’s advancing at a slower rate than I expected. My ultimate goal like you is to be financially free and have more time to do the things that I really like. In my case it is traveling.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Dear Enrique. Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m so sorry you feel trapped as well. I know very profoundly what that means. It is the worst states of being (apart from health issues). No one should have to live like this. Life is a gift and passion is life. So I really hope you follow my lead and become financially free to be able to share and follow your passion. The world is a better place if every one is free to pursue what they love and share it. Wouldn’t that be just awesome? We can be of so much value to others if we are financially free.
      Stay tuned, my mission is to get all my followers to the point they do not have to do anything for money, and they will operate from passion.
      The best and most genuine way of life,

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