5 Ways to create a passive income online for musicians

Hi, I’m Janie and this is how I found 5 ways to create a passive income online for musicians that can help you do the same.

As a musician, performer and teacher, I have only so much time I can trade for money and I miss playing just for me or giving concerts with the music I choose.

In 24 hours you can only do so much, how should I pay my debts? Mortgage, instrument, car…. would I have to eat pasta without sauce till the end to save money?

Can’t do that as a pro musician, you need to eat well and shouldn’t play for free. It’s against our profession which is to play the music people pay to hear or pay to learn.

So where could I learn to rise the value of my time?

Still doing what I love, just only the parts I love most about it, and being paid adequately?

I would need at least one new skill set. Learn how to sell my art. Yes, my friends, we can’t depend on agencies anymore who, if all turns out for the better, make a lot of money with you and pay you close to nothing. It’s for the glory.

First thing we need to value ourselves a lot more and learn to sell our art without selling our soul.

More about me and why I’m wanting to help others out in my article —–>life design for musicians.


Why should a musician want to create passive income online?

When they told me this joke it really got to me.

It was meant to be fun, and maybe it is, but for me it was the last drop:

The dogs of an engineer, an architect and a musician are separated. To each of them a bowl with different kinds of fodder was served.

The engineer’s dog looked at the consistency, separated the bigger from the smaller, the stronger smelling further away. The more liquid was the first to go into its stomach.

The architect’s dog put all the pieces together and built some nice heaps with a lake next to it. When the third fell down, it ate up the crashed parts and tried again.

The musician’s dog devoured everything as soon as the bowl touched the ground. Without taking a breath it asked:” When do we get payed?”

empty dog's bowl

It makes me laugh now!

But certainly not back then as it was the precise description of a freelance musician’s worth ethic.

I didn’t want to be part of that anymore and am truly sorry for those who are living in this unbearable situation trying to make it as a musician.

That brings us back to the question: How can I be paid more for less time and rise my value as a musician?


Passive income opportunities for musicians

Passive income creation online is possible for every one.

Musicians, however generally add two ingredients that not everybody provides:Villa del Cicertone Street Musicians

Passion and knowledge.

Those two are crucial and make it that easier for a musician to create a passive income online.

So to whom do we bring our passion and knowledge?

The answer is the online world. There are more than 4 billion people connected spread out to every time zone and situation. There are so many people looking for information that we have already learned during our training as a musician.

So why shouldn’t I share those tips and tricks and earn a living from it? Why shouldn’t I advise buying one gadget rather than another, one instrument rather than another? I have tried so many, I know and have an opinion that can certainly help others.

I found out a way of practicing that is effective and not too time-consuming and could share how I got there. Or help others find their own practice strategy earlier than I did.

Street Musicians Villa del Cicerone Pompei

But certainly we musicians have another advantage:

We are used to performing. Why wouldn’t we use that?

We can make a video series and upload it to YouTube to raise awareness that we exist. We can make very short live videos on social media inviting to our concerts, courses or masterclasses. Those courses and masterclasses could also be recorded online and maybe accessible up to a certain point for free, then we add a fee.

This way we would just need to keep the awareness alive and the courses, music, e-books or whatever we Street Musician Villa del Ciceronecreated will work for us in an automated way.

Now and then we would get a notice that someone has bought something or commented on something.

We would finally have the time and money to organize the concerts and performances of our dreams.

Offline an online performance will enhance each other!

So here they come – 5 ways of creating passive income online for musicians!


1) YouTube channel and Facebook page for musicians


So many aspects to our world that we might not be aware of, but that when you told someone who yet has to get where you are, become inestimable in value.You Tube Icon

Again, I thought, making a video course on YouTube or with a sales    funnel and just doing the same thing I have seen others succeed with, that could be a beginning. But I wouldn’t want to do that for fun, I would want to go all in and do it professionally. So I’d need training.

First thing is watch other s do it. You will quickly realize that all they say, you could have said. I also thought that some flutists in my case, where not really playing that well. If they can do it, I can definitely do it.

What would it take to get out of my comfort zone and start shooting videos? facebook icon

Putting up a Facebook page and looking into Facebook ads to sell my music, books, gadgets, concert tickets or whatever. Come and have a look around at mine


This is possible, but can only get you so far. You will need to create a huge audience and continue to grow. Regular posting and interesting your subscribers.

After a certain number of views and subscribers, YouTube will propose to put ads in your videos and pay you for that.

Maybe a huge brand becomes aware of your existence and might propose you to do reviews for them.

Too many maybes and odds for me. thumbs up icon

I went looking on.

2) Website Design for musicians and email marketing

Again, as musicians we have an eye for artistic style and we could use that to create a beautiful website that invites to engagement and connection. Thinking of that, I loved the idea of a window onto the house that I had been dreaming of as a kid.

Ways to create a passive income online to buy a villa for musiciansA huge Villa with keys for all my musician friends.

Every time I got home, I wouldn’t know whom I would meet, who came by, who will play or discuss something with me, leave me a gift to make the open house even more comfy and take some of my advice in return.

I would leave give the key to every one who was generous and open and always learning. So we could all grow together.


This dream has become true thanks to the internet. I can build the Villa and give the key directly to my friends or wait till google navigation sends new friends to my doorstep.

The Villa is obviously my website. This is another way of investment. A website needs time to grow and to become an authority site. Content production won’t be a problem as we are musicians and can create posts about a lot of things as well as add videos and photos.

Try it out for free and  —–>    click here to build your very own website from scratch!

Start by creating your website name on Siterubix. You can change the website name later and also choose a different domain for hosting whenever you wish.

No strings attached, no risk, but a lot of fun!!

You can always export it to another paid domain,

but this one is for free as a beginner and easy to use.

My own website is a blog and I continue to fill it with what I hope is valuable content and will help more and more flutists and other musicians. The next step is to create a newsletter that sends the content directly via mail to my subscribers. If you are curious, I’d be more than happy to offer you a peek at


I will then create an email list which I can use to send invitations to concerts, courses, masterclasses.

Or I could have a second set of emails to whom I would promote flutes, accessories, textbooks, e-books, videos and audio files that I create or promote as in:


3) Affiliate marketing on your website – learn affiliate marketing for free

This is the way I chose for now! Affiliate marketing. It means that you review products and put links for their purchase on your website which will be linked back to you in case your reader buys. You will earn a commission. The buyer will not pay more.

To learn about Affiliate Marketing have a look at my article —–> here.

You simply provide them with inside information about the features and why something is good or for whom it could work.

This is extremely valuable and many people do not have other access but your professional help to understand what a product is all about. But I had no clue on how to do that so I did a search on google. And another. And another.

This is how I found a lot of people talking about Wealthy Affiliate online.

How their teaching and training was amazing and how you would earn while you learn. I thought that that sounded interesting and asked questions. It turned out that the first month was for free, no credit card necessary.

So I thought it was worth a try, after all I was still that musician’s dog!

Hungry for more.

I decided to take in as much as I could and ask for more if I got that far!!

online marketing for musicians


What can I say?

I was a complete illiterate concerning the online

After one week I had a website up and running and posts indexed.

After one month, two posts were ranking on google’s first page.

That means that people would find me if they were looking for what my articles were about.


4) Google Ads on your website


It seems incredible to me now, but in just a month I discovered how to be of value to people online,
how to be found by them to help them and how to start making some revenue. The training continued and when I finished I had a lot of precious content on my very own website, brand and domain. A month
earlier I didn’t even know what those therms meant.

google iconNow I’m a keyword pro who finds out what musicians, flutists in my case and to be precise, are looking for online and I know how to research and give the answers.

But this is only the beginning, the training never stops and I can listen to webinars by leading trainers on as many topics I could ever imagine. There is no end to it, and I became passionate about it.

As with YouTube, when your site becomes popular you can let google put ads on it and be paid for that.

But as mine is for now my home and villa, I will put only the direct links to products that I myself have bought, use and am happy about. The reason is:


5) Treat your website like real-estate and trade it

When your website turns into a villa it rises like real-estate and you can sell it after some years of hard work worth a little apartment or even a real villa. You need to put it on solid foundations, work on it and live it. It’s value rises and you have nearly no maintenance costs, neither do you need buying expensive tools or invest a lot of money.

Just time, knowledge and passion.

I wanted to build my dream villa just with passion and knowledge. That’s what I did and continue to do. It is an incredibly satisfying and free feeling and it grows with my real-estate online.

Get started immedeatly and free of charge with Siterubix.com.

You can also just follow the instruction after clicking on the following link:


passive income online for musicians

Online marketing for musicians – one training platform that serves all the

5 Ways to create a passive income online for musicians

So what is this platform I mentioned? I swear by it. It gave me a new audience, worldwide, and my music and love for what I do back. You can learn all 5 ways or combine them. You will learn and be trained and ready to go before you even know it. Wealthy Affiliate is the best there is in this industry.


If you want to look for yourselves —-> Sign up to WA, no payment details required!

You can create a free account and start the training right away. I’d advise you to set up your account with a profile picture and a minimum description in the bio. It is completely free, you will not be spammed. You can decide every step of the way whether this is for you and leave any time, no questions asked.

But before the trial month ends, you will already have a website up and running and will want to learn on this amazing platform which offers it all: community, site support, hosting of domains, site health check and all the training you could ever wish for. At any time you can ask questions and will receive answers. You can start your own blog on WA and test your writing skills.

You’d have more than a million of people in the community answering questions and helping out, inspiring and motivating.

This platform has been helping and training people in the online marketing world since 2005. It’s been growing ever since and you too probably would never want to leave. Good thing is you don’t have to. It is more than affordable and has everything included you’d otherwise have to pay for separately, so it’s very convenient.

The Site support is I dare say, unequaled.

So why don’t you just come and see what this is all about. While you decide you can learn to do affiliate marketing for free and create two websites for free. You will get live help during the first seven days, completely free of charge and with a backup included. Furthermore you can join two training classrooms and get 7 days coached one-on-one. This is priceless. They also have the coolest keyword research tool with brainstorming and listing functions and you can do 30 searches without any payment. After the first month you will be notified that if you do not intend to continue your websites should be brought to another host and everything else, together with your account set up and internal blog will be deleted.


No better way of online marketing for musicians (and their pets, lol)

No credit card, no risk. But you can of course chose to become a premium member, with access to all the incredible features and it will be 49 dollars per month (the genius creators Kyle and Carson are Canadian), with the first month you go premium for less than half price. (So you will set up everything just for about 19 dollars!!!) You can chose a monthly fee or yearly.

I have chosen yearly immedeately because I know it is more than worth it. The costs of hosting a website, site support, site security, site backup, all the training and access to the keyword research is worth so much more than 49 dollars per month.

But I wanted to see with my own eyes and you can, completely risk free.

This is how sure WA is, that you will see the value and stay. I’m sure as well. I was a complete newbie and searching how to learn to do affiliate marketing for beginners. WA comes up. Same if you look for professional help. WA still is the place to go to.

I’ll see you at the top | Let’s play this right and have fun on the way!

Find out for yourselves —-> Create a free account on Wealthy Affiliate.


Give yourself financial freedom

and be the musician you dreamed of!



Founder of

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  1. Hi Janie,
    Great post. i am not an artist or musician but I have been looking for ways to make passive income so I can escape my 24 year career in retail management. The thought of having a website making some passive income while I sleep or doing other things is very exciting. I will take your advice and think it over. Affiliate marketing sounds like the way to go to reach your goals and I believe it will work for me as well. God bless

    • Thank you so much for coming by and commenting this article!! I know this line of thinking will not only help musicians, so I truly hope to have helped you achieve your goal!

  2. This is such great and timely information. I know and have known quite a few musicians through the years, and the vast majority of them, despite being quite talented, and even accomplished, struggled mightily to make a decent living at their respective crafts. Almost all have worked day jobs, and played music at night or on the weekends. This information will certainly come in handy, and perhaps make a big difference for them. Thank you for sharing this. Tom

    • Thank you so much, Tom! For feeling with us, we have this passion, this gift, but no time! I truly hope to help ny fellow colleagues. I have seen a major shift, and I’m a classical musician, so adapt to traditions etc. But I have seen that there is no tradition that will earn us a living, so we must think of other, modern ways. In the end, it is not even that terrible!! You do not sell your soul or musicality. You convert pays it into a brand, and this brand, totally 100% you, is going to be what pays for a living. Musicians were always the first to adopt, why shouldn’t they be now?
      Thank you for sharing, I hope I can help you and your friends see the bright side of a musician’s life today!!!

  3. You can really tell you love what you do! If you have a passion you should show it to the world! I’m going to try this wealthy affiliate now! What is there to lose!

    • Nothing to lose, in fact! Go for it, I’ll be there. Ask me all the questions you want. Finally, this is real. No scam. All free to figure it out and then ridiculously small fee. No way this can hurt anyone! The smart will benefit and thrive!!!
      Love your energy,

  4. Hi Janie. I am very interested in what you are saying about creating a passive income. I have been trying to do exactly that for about 6 months now. I have created a blog and added a few posts about our band but I’m just about to give up.
    It seems like nobody ever visits the site and I can’t understand what I am doing wrong. I’m sure there must be a way to make it work – after all others are having success with their websites. Do you think that the training you mentioned with Wealthy Affiliate could help me to turn our site around and build some awareness of what we do?

    • Hi Dave,
      nice to meet you! Thanks for asking.

      About your blog, I’m sure it’s great. Give it some time. Publish regularly things that are important to your band and other bands alike. But what really makes the difference is keyword research and respecting google’s way of ranking your blog. At Wealthy Affiliate you can learn how to do that with the best training in the industry and a lot of expert live support.

      To become an authority in your area, you’ll need to consistently blog and wait for at least 6 months to a year. That is the time it takes to make google trust your site and propose your blog to people who might be interested.

      You might want to look into Search Engine Optimization, short SEO, training. At WA there are several good programs you could follow, even in the free membership at the beginning. You could use the coolest tool of them all, which is Jaaxy. If you stay tuned, I’ll write a review about that in the next article here on my site.
      Another helpful tool for creating awareness of your blog is the right use of social media. Not paying ads, but organic traffic through social media can be created and in WA we tell you how.

      If you already have a site and just need a way to turn it around, your learning curve will be up in the sky and you will see results very soon.
      I hope my answer gave you an idea of how many things you could do and how WA could help you turn your site’s destiny around to success!!

      See you at the top, my dear musician friend!

  5. Janie! You have definitely constructed a very creative life for yourself, and you should be absolutely proud of the choices you’re making. I admire your creativity; it speaks volumes about your character. The fact that you are a musician is terrific and is something else I admire about you!

    Regarding this new opportunity of yours, it sounds like you have found several ways to be successful. I have dabbled a little with freelance work and have heard of Wealthy Affiliate. Like you, I stumbled upon it, very blind to opportunities online. What I learned early on is that if one is looking for a learning platform to create his/her own online business, then WA is definitely the best way to go.

    I signed up for a premium membership, as it made no sense not to. I have learned what I know of affiliate marketing, blogging, and online jargon from the training and expertise of the platform.

    If I may speak of the community for just a moment. It is because of Wealthy Affiliate that I have learned so much. The people (nearing 2 million) who are a part of my growing network have taught me so much. They’re kind, selfless, and always willing to give tips and tricks for free, based on their own online business experience. I have met spectacular friends from all around the world and I will be forever thankful for the opportunity that WA has awarded me.

    I wish you so much success, Janie, in your new endeavors. I’m very glad you found WA. Based on what I know of the company, you can rest knowing that your hard work right now will pay off for your future!

    To the many musicians like you who so freely give your time and talent, good luck and thank you. May you not have have to settle for pasta without sauce for the rest of time. (You can find me and I’ll send you some American sauce!)

    • Heidi, thank so very much for your comment!
      I’m forever grateful for your affectionate support, especially the sauce spedition!
      That tops it all!!
      We can open a musician shelter with that…

      But i guess WA is the better option!

      I hope, that more musicians can find their way to the online world and each one can thrive in his/her own way.
      The sky is the limit! And the community at WA is ready to make everyone see that.

      In the beginning online endavours can be scary. So having hundreds of thousands of people cheering you up and helping you out is the best way to start!

      I wouldn’t have known many of the terms I use now just a few months ago. Now I do not only know what they mean, but am able to start a business using them. This is how steep the learning curve is for a beginner! The training is the best, but what makes the huge difference is the live support, connection and tech support.

      I made so many fantastic friends and
      some of those friendships will go further than the online world.

      May everyone be able to follow his/her passion,
      share it with the world and not struggle with finance anymore!

  6. Janie, great article on musicians and Wealthy Affiliate. My wife is an accomplished musician, she plays the guitar very well and can sing with the timbre of Vicki Lawrence. I, on the other hand, as my wife puts it, do not have holes in my bucket to carry a tune, because I don’t have a bucket in the first place! So with that said, do you think someone who is better at woodworking would be able to create a passive online income with my woodworking knowledge?

    Thanks for the great article,

    • Hi Steve,
      you got me giggling there, no holes in your bucket to carry a tune…. cute expression!
      But to get to your question, I think every artist can! You could connect with all the woodworking people in the world.
      As an artist, you will be creative and you also seem communicative! That was my thing about musicians and being on stage that makes them perfect marketers of what they know and how they got there. But you, of course, can do the same and maybe even better!!
      I will wait for you on the platform and guide you through.
      Thank you so much for your comment, really appreciate it.
      All the best to your craft and art,
      May success online follow!

  7. Hi Janie,
    Love your style. I have always thought muso’s had the hardest gig. Singing for your supper. Sometimes I heard stories of singers not getting supper. probably the reason many give up and just go get a day job.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a pretty good platform. I nearly signed up for another one but I thought Wealthy Affiliate offered just that bit more. Plus some of the reviews on the other platform gave negative responses about their site support and member interaction.
    So if you are new to this Then Wealthy Affiliate has all the help you could possibly ask for and lots of successful people who do other things besides affiliate marketing with the training offered at Wealthy Affiliate.
    All the best, In the future your days of playing for your supper will be on your terms.

    • Thank you so much, Michael!!
      I sure hope that all the musicians who wish to can create their own financial freedom to support their art.
      Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start out and receive all the support you need, while you concencrate also on studying your music, giving concerts and recording CDs. You can do all that on your own terms and with the music you truly stand for.
      Having financial freedom, a fantastic community to share questions or ask for help, as well as share success stories, is just the basis you need if you want to also pursue an artistic dream.
      Thank you so much for your comment and expertease on the matter! May every musician be able to play for anything but supper,
      Best wishes,

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